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We pride ourselves on being a diverse, professional , educated and highly dedicated group that put our clients needs before our own. JMG is an All-Inclusive, Flat-Fee marketing and advertising agency, catering to businesses who need additional marketing support without adding additional staff. Consolidate all your creative, printing, web, planning, promotions and everything to do with marketing and advertising your business with one point of contact and one trusted company.

John D. Jarvis – Chairman / CEO

John D. JarvisWelcome to the new corporate website, this is where I share about the people I meet, the books I’m reading, and what I’m learning. I hope that you’ll join the conversation. Currently, founder of The Jarvis Media Group and now the voice of Xtreme Weather Radio, one of the largest and most engaged social media channels in the severe weather and meteorological space in the world.

Over the course of my career I have accomplished an incredible amount success in business, many ventures at the time seemed very unorthodox. Many of these business ventures / projects continue to have several million users, like Jarvis Entertainment, Summit Entertainment, QZAR, Westlin Underground Bunker, The Wireless Lake Project, LitFiber, Xtreme Weather Podcast, Claire Magazine, My GPS, Extreme Weather, OTC Exchange, and yes even the EBS acquisition. And, I haven’t stopped there. I continue to participate on speculative projects that others believe are impossible or even improbable, not to be detoured, I remain super excited about them.

“I have never been considered a conventional person and I certainly don’t intend to become one any time soon.”

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Austin Jarvis – CFO & V.P. Marketing

Austin Jarvis“I really enjoy coming into work each day, JMG is a wonderful corporate environment and our employees are the best ”

Graduate of Texas A&M, John earned a degree in business. John Austin, joined the company in 2017 and assumed the responsibility of Director Of Marketing. In 2018 John Austin was promoted to V.P Of Marketing and was added to the JMG Board Of Directors. Now in 2019, John Austin is the driving force behind several of our media projects as well as continuing as V.P Of Marketing and now has been promoted on our board of directors as JMG’s new CFO.

Office & Clerical Staff

Tammy Baker – Office Manager
Denice Harris – Clerical
Patricia Morris – Clerical

Web Development, Branding & SEO 

Pamela Anderson
Sankari Ayyaluru
Mia Barrett
Eric Blanke

I.T. Specialist 

Brigitte Bishop
Coleen Cantwell
Ryan Carmody
Matt Cherry
Debra Christopher
Sterling Clark

AV Engineers & On Air Personalities

James Johnson
Gabriella Sanchez
Claire Aspen
Antonio Gallo

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