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Please join our 25,000+ Daily listeners across 40+ platforms that get their latest detailed severe weather outlook from our daily podcast FREE. (Audio broadcast in English and Spanish) Stay weather aware at: bit.ly/2P4Z8eS

Xtreme Weather Podcast: Introducing all the members of the first all A.I. Xtreme Weather News Team, this groundbreaking “End To End” A.I. technology is currently being developed and deployed by Jarvis Media Group’s wholly owned subsidiary Xtreme Weather, LLC.

Today our world revolves around the climate, severe weather and natural disaster communication. How to efficiently and more expeditiously disseminate, translate and communicate severe weather information to the masses in this online, social networked world is our current concern.

Our weather information is derived from the National Weather Service, Weather Prediction Center, located in College Park, Maryland. Our outlook uses A.I. technology developed by IBM Watson / Xtreme Weather, Our audio broadcast is translated by Systran and digitally mastered by E mastered. Our audio and video severe weather advisories / alerts also are deployed in English as well as Spanish language with Closed Caption included on XW Video Products.

The largest automated media distribution network of it’s kind. Our A.I. broadcast’s are currently deployed to over 40 popular audio, video and social broadcasting platforms.

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