Xtreme Weather to be the first to bring it’s daily broadcast to the deaf / hearing impaired through ASL signing avatars

XW ASL AvatarJarvis Media Group’s wholly owned subsidiary XtremeWeather provides it’s daily national severe weather outlook to 280 million English and Spanish speaking Americans. JMG / XtremeWeather, today released it’s first audio weather broadcast in Chinese Mandarin and the response has been overwhelming.

JMG producer of Xtreme Weather’s ground breaking daily weather podcast, broadcast in English, Spanish and now Chinese Audio plans to break the mold once again by being the first to bring it’s daily broadcast to the deaf / hearing impaired through ASL signing avatars in the first quarter of 2020.

About three-quarters of deaf and hard-of-hearing students in America are mainstreamed, learning alongside hearing students in schools and classes where sign-language interpreters are often in short supply. On average, deaf students graduate high school reading English—a second language to them—at a fourth-grade level, according to a report out of Gallaudet University, the premier university for deaf students. That reading deficit slows their learning in every other subject. It also limits the usefulness of closed captioning for multimedia course material.

Animated signing characters (signing avatars)

Animated signing characters are a technology for displaying signed communication without the necessity of displaying a digitized video of a human signer. Instead, the systems use 3D animated figure, which can be stored more efficiently than video. The characters can produce movement of the fingers, hands, facial gestures, body movements, and co-signs, in which two different words or ideas are signed at the same time. The characters can be programmed to communicate in either a sign language (e.g. American Sign Language or ASL) or a signed communication systems (e.g. Exact Signed English). Advances in graphics capabilities mean that personal computers are able to produce this animation with much greater clarity than in the past, when transitions between the signs were rough and the hands had to return to a central position between each sign.

The future is NOW at JMG!

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